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What has persuaded Cobra to launch One Length versions of the King F7 irons where the shafts are all the same length?

Cobra King One Length Irons

Simple. He's called Bryson DeChambeau and the former physics graduate, US Amateur Champion and now PGA Tour player has been playing single length irons since 2011 when he and his coach re-imagined the previously tried theory of single length irons.

Bryson DeChambeau

Now that DeChambeau is signed to Cobra to play their clubs and wear Puma clothes, including a retro flat cap, the manufacturer has been quick to embrace the concept as I found out at their UK launch.

The One Length option is available with their King F7 and the King Forged Tour heads, but the same principle applies to both.

As it sounds, the concept is for all the irons to be the same length and in Cobra's case the One Length irons are 37.5 inches long with a 62.5° lie as standard, which is 7-iron set up for them.

Cobra King One Length Irons

The benefit is that you only need one set up for eight or nine clubs because the ball position and posture remain the same for each one as your current 7-iron, which should make the game easier to learn, practice and play.

Single length iron swing plane

It's not as simple as putting single length shafts in existing heads. In a Variable Length set the short irons have heavier heads than the long irons because the shafts are shorter. If you want to find out why this evolved this way then check out our Guide To Single Length Irons.

What Cobra did is make the heads of the short irons lighter, for example the 9-iron is 14g less than normal, and in a nice bit of symmetry, the 5 iron is 14g heavier than normal. Making the longer irons heavier also has the effect of lowering the CG and increasing the MOI to make it more forgiving.

You can see how the weighting differs by comparing where Cobra has placed the darker weights in the sole of the standard Forged Tour and the Forged Tour One Length.

Cobra King One Length Irons

Each One Length club should then hit it the same distance as a Variable length club because the slower club head speed from the shorter shaft in the long irons is offset by the increased weight of the head to deliver the same ball speed and hopefully the same distance. The opposite applies in the short irons, so I took out DeChambeau's King Forged One Length irons to see is this was true in practice.

If you read my review of the Variable Length Cobra King Forged Tour irons you will know that I am a big fan of these clubs. The look, feel and performance are everything you would expect from a forged better player iron. I am pleased to say that nothing changes this fact when the One Length shafts are inserted.

Cobra King One Length Irons

In the One Length short irons, the total distance for the 8-iron was almost exactly the same as the Variable Length and with all the shorter clubs I preferred the longer shaft.

Cobra King One Length Irons

It did not really feel much of a change and when you start hitting less than full swing pitches and chips I found that it felt easier. This is mainly due to the fact that it is more of an arms swing than usual so if you are a little jumpy with those half shots then the One Length concept is something you should really try out.

Even with the specialist One Length wedges, you just grip them at the full length around the greens and in the bunkers and they play just as a normal length would.

Cobra King One Length Irons

As I went up the set I started to see a slight difference in the total yardages between the One length and the Variable length clubs, but in the 6-iron the carry was again almost the same.

Cobra King One Length Irons

In the 4-iron there was more of a difference for me and depending on your swing speed, you might find that the 5-iron in the King Forged One Length is your limit as the shorter shaft just may not generate enough speed for the 20° loft, hence why the set stops at a 4-iron.

Cobra King One Length Irons

You can either move onto your hybrids or swap in the King F7 One Length 4-iron which has a higher launch built into larger, hollow cavity back head. The King F7 has the edge in terms of ease of use between the two iron models and for better players, I would suggest going down this route.

However the key thing is that if I was to switch, the distance gaps between each club in the One Length set were consistent and Cobra has done plenty of player testing to back this up.

Cobra King One Length Irons

What took a while was getting my head around playing the 4-iron from towards the middle of my stance with a shaft that is 2 inches shorter. Looking at the flag in the distance with your eyes vertically closer to the ground took a while to trust, but if you do, it will deliver.

Playing the short irons felt no different to me, but other players I have talked to found the long irons easy to adjust to and the short irons harder, so it may depend on something like what side of the bed you get out of as to how you find them.

The other DeChambeau influence is in the grip size as he is also a proponent of thicker grips because then you do not have to hold it as tight and therefore should gain power.

Having recently moved to a larger grip myself, I was pleased to see the One Length irons come with the Lamkin Crossline ACE Blue grip in a diameter equivalent to 4 layers of tape, which is almost a tour standard.

Cobra King One Length Irons

That may sound like a lot, but trust me it will work for you as I usually take a medium glove and it feels fine to me. Bryson has more than double this amount of tape under his grips so he is an even bigger believer.

The Cobra King Forged One Length irons come with the KBS FLT shaft that complements the heads well with its lighter feel.

KBS Tour FLT Shaft

However the best bit about the One Length set is that they are the same specs and the same price as the standard Variable Length set, which is great to see as sometimes new concepts cost more.

Both the King F7 and Forged Tour heads are very good, especially the latter, and that is what gives Cobra's One Length irons the edge over other single length models.

DeChambeau and Cobra think that this could be a game changer now that manufacturing technology has made creating One Length irons easier than before. It could be a slow burner, but anyone who struggles for accuracy with their irons, has an iffy short game or just wants to simplify things should definitely try them out.

Cobra King One Length Irons

Testing the King Forged One Length with another scratch golfer and an amateur international, we all looked at each other and said "I could do this", so it all really depends on your approach. For me, not having to think about varying my stance to suit the club was one less thing to think about and I could see how this would lead to an increase in consistency.

Cobra will be running plenty of trial days in the coming year so make sure you get along and see if the One Length theory can work for you. It's simple to learn, easy to use and above all it's fun and you can't say better than that.

Golfalot Rating: 5 stars
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Cobra King Forged One Length Iron

Cobra King Forged One Length Irons - Product Details

UK Launch27 January 2017
UK Launch RRP£849
USA Launch13 January 2017
Handicap Range
Hand AvailabilityRight
Club Length37.25 inches
Swing WeightD0
Shaft NameKBS Tour FLT
Shaft TypesSteel
Shaft FlexRegular, Stiff
Shaft Weight120g stiff; 110g regular
GripLamkin Crossline ACE Blue
DesignCavity Back
Set Makeup4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, PW
Manufacturer's WebsiteCobra Website

User Reviews

John Plenty
February 2018

Had my Cobra same length for about a year now and handicap has steadily reduced from 24 to 16. Easy to hit especially the wedges - Gap, Sand. Pitch and 60 Degree. Luv 'em - wonder if they have plans for a same length driver?

January 2018

I just got fitted for a set of F7 One length irons 5-Gap. I hit them three different times to make sure I wanted to go this route. I am extremely happy with the set and it makes golf a little easier. I would highly recommend if you are high handicapper or a beginner golfer. It may not be for everybody but try them first before you decide.

Steve W
October 2017

Received these clubs yesterday and got out and played 9 holes, straight away the clubs were easy to hit, the PW and 9 feel light but so good to hit you forget it straight away. The 4 Iron is now my favourite club, used to worry about hitting this club but with the the Cobra One it is a dream, great distance and carry with accuracy you would expect from a short iron, by the 8th hole I was trying to leave 190 yards in just to hit the 4 Iron, crazy. The feel is a little lacking but when you consider how you play and your score you will get past that pretty damn fast. I left my other wedges alone for the last 4 holes and just used the new irons, shot par for those holes, left the last green full of confidence, can't wait to get out again. My handicap is 17 but I felt like a single figure golfer playing with these clubs, amazing.

G. Bradley
August 2017

Saw the clubs on TV and was interested. Due to foot surgery I had not hit a club in four months so starting back using these was easy. I adjusted to the short and middle irons quickly but it took a little long for the 5 and 6. But now I am hitting them great as well. I did add a couple of hybrids and am back to enjoying the game again. Also my scores have improved since coming back. I place a lot of this improvement on the clubs.

April 2017

In theory these seem to make so much sense. So went to my local shop and asked to hit some. Being left handed they had one each only standard 7 iron. So I really did not get a good feeling for what I was in store for. The Pro's there fitted me anyway and I placed my order. Got to tell you...these irons are awesome. Always hit my 7 irons plus with confidence. Head case with the longer ones. The irons felt great. Came off each club solid. Felt like I was hitting them about 10 yards longer than my Callaway Apex irons. No more fear with a long iron shot. Really looking forward to this season. Certainly love at first outing.

February 2017

I have bought these clubs. after having a fitting at American Golf my irons arrived in less than a week. PW - 4 irosn stiff shaft all 1 length. They are AMAZING.. Its like cheating they are so easy to hit. The life of the amateur golfer is about to change, everybody will be playing with these soon.

January 2017

Just went to Golf Galaxy to get a wedge then the guy working talked me into hitting these and well after getting more spin then I ever have on a gap wedge 8700 then hitting the 7 202 187 carry I walked out with brand new irons can't wait to hit them tomorrow in a scramble. Thanks cobra for making these I always loved my 7 iron now can love all my clubs.

November 2016

Single length irons have the potential of being the most significant change in golf club fitting and player development. This concept was introduced by Tommy Armour golf in the 80s without much success due to low COR in the long irons. With Dechambeau having success it has been reintroduced to the market. As a teaching professional, club fitter and club builder it is hard to dispute the concept. From an instructional view it simplifies the concepts and fundamental approach to swinging all irons in a plane based on posture and preference. Simply put you establish a desired plane based on efficiency and set each iron to the same lie angle. Wow, that will simplify playing in that the consistency of set up, grip, aim, posture and ball placement relative to target line will be unchanged. From a fitting standpoint, establishing length, shaft composition, flex, weight, lie angle, loft and grip size will truly benefit the player. The shaft characteristics and ability to identify the best playability will be a huge benefit regardless of skill. Everyone will benefit from well fit single length irons. This is, in my opinion, the most significant and beneficial concept to be introduced to playing golf since its inception. Game changer!

October 2016

It was only a matter of time before a larger OEM came out with a set of single length irons. Don't forget that J. Bowden and T. Wishon were the guys that actually brought out a working set of single length irons for the average golfer that achieved the proper yardage gaps between clubs/loft i.e. Sterling irons.

October 2016

For 6 years I play with irons the same length. I did change the lies, the weights. It's not perfect, but it is much better than the variable series. Important thing with shafts of the same length: one tends to take your grip before taking the stance, because we are confident in the distance from ball to feet, which is always the same. However, the soil is never flat and you can't feel or see a difference of 3 centimetres. With irons of same lengths, be sure to take its grip after taking his stance, which is then always the same.

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